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Poorly Secured Cargo And Truck Accidents

Our law firm holds the trucking companies accountable

A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and a good chunk of that isn’t the truck itself – it’s the cargo. Truck drivers need to be aware not just of the risks posed by their large vehicles, but also the potential dangers that the cargo itself can pose. Unfortunately, many truckers and trucking companies fail to take appropriate measures to secure their cargo. When a truck’s cargo shifts, serious truck accidents often occur.

Knowing what to do after such a serious truck accident in Texas can be complicated. Coby L. Wooten, Attorney At Law, P.C. of Fort Worth is here to help. Coby and his team will investigate your accident, get to the bottom of what happened and pursue justice on your behalf.

Tractor-trailers require 20% to 40% more distance than cars to stop.
(Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)

How cargo contributes to serious wrecks

Properly securing cargo is an important responsibility shared by the trucker, the trucking company, and the company that owns or loads the cargo itself. Some of the ways improperly secured cargo can contribute to a crash include:

Whether you hit an object that fell off a commercial truck, were injured in a jackknife or rollover crash, or were hurt in an accident that involved hazardous cargo, the consequences can be life-altering. And the road to getting the compensation you need for your injuries can be difficult. That’s why a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer can make a meaningful difference.

We vigorously investigate and pursue compensation

Liability for accidents involving cargo can be complicated. The cab, the trailer and the cargo itself may all have separate insurance, and those insurance companies may dispute liability amongst themselves while the injured person is left to wait. Attorney Coby L. Wooten knows how to cut through this confusion and fight for the justice you deserve. He’ll conduct a thorough investigation to hold the negligent parties responsible and pursue full compensation for all your losses as a result of the accident.

We know how to handle complex truck accident cases. Count on Coby Wooten to see your claim through. Contact us online or call 866-408-0940 today.

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