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Texas car accident attorney explains how to identify reckless drivers and keep your distance

There is one thing that all reckless drivers have in common: they fail to recognize the consequences of dangerous driving habits. They also fail to use reasonable caution during unfavorable driving conditions, such as heavy traffic, road construction and inclement weather. Each year, thousands of injuries and deaths are linked to reckless driving. Yet, the...

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Distracted driving from truck drivers on the rise

Truck drivers are held to a high standard, but they still often engage in distracted driving. Just like other drivers, truck drivers have cellphones, GPS navigation systems, as well as other technology. In addition, many truck drivers multi-task while driving. This often includes eating and drinking, and filling out paperwork in order to save time....

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Why are pedestrian fatalities on the rise?

The overall number of traffic fatalities has dropped over the last few years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated a 1.2 percent decrease in 2019. Texas has also seen a consistent drop in traffic fatalities from 2016-2018, according to state data (2019 data isn't yet available). Pedestrian fatalities, on the other hand, have...

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How dangerous are Fort Worth intersections?

Crashes at intersections usually happen quickly and without warning. You could be stopped at a traffic light and be hit from behind by an inattentive driver. You could also be hit by a driver who runs a red light when you have the right-of-way. Traffic congestion often plays a role in intersection crashes. This is...

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Impaired school bus drivers endanger Texas children -- but little is being done about it

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers school buses the safest form of transportation for school children. In fact, the federal agency asserts that students are 70 times more likely to get to school safely by taking a school bus instead of a car. School bus crashes rarely happen, due to the high expectations and...

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Safety advocates say stopping drunk driving needs to move beyond fines and jail time

Reducing crashes and fatalities by repeat-offender drivers requires treatment focused on individuals, instead of a boilerplate of arrests, fines, and prison, according to a recent report. The key is to target the underlying problems prompting drunk driving. The benefits are clear: repeat offenders cause about a third of impaired driving deaths in the United States...

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Rideshare driver behavior endangers the public

We all want to feel safe during our daily commutes or when getting home after a social outing. Transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft provide convenient transportation at affordable rates. Several safety issues have been raised within the industry, however. There have been several incidents involving criminals and dangerous predators posing as...

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What Fort Worth officials are doing to prevent an alarming rate of pedestrian deaths

Fort Worth is in dire need of infrastructural change that accommodates the safety of pedestrians. Since 2015, the Federal Highway Administration has been scrutinizing the city, due to its high rate of pedestrian deaths. According to local data, the number of pedestrian deaths throughout Fort Worth has fluctuated from 2012-2017. During that five-year period, approximately...

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