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In-Vehicle “Infotainment” Systems Put Fort Worth Residents in Danger From Distracted Driving

Texas drivers now have more distractions than ever in their vehicles. In addition to smartphones and GPS units, many new vehicles come installed with information and entertainment systems. These “infotainment” systems give drivers even more temptation to take their eyes off the road. Drivers have a responsibility to maintain their focus behind the wheel. Failure...

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Fort Worth Bicycle Fatalities On the Rise

Fort Worth cyclists are now facing greater risks on the road than ever before. The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that bicycle accident fatalities increased by 12.2% in 2015. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reports that, while bicycle riding only accounts for about one percent of travels in the United States, bicyclists...

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Trucking Company Negligence Puts Fort Worth Motorists At Risk

Trucking accidents are on the rise in the U.S., following a record low in 2009. As the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports, the uptick is believed to be connected to economic improvements. With more jobs and more money in their pockets, Americans are more often on the road. Truck drivers aren't immune from increased danger either....

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Which Vehicles Keep You Safe on Fort Worth Roads?

Drivers throughout Texas know that auto accidents happen with alarming frequency. Thousands deaths and injuries occur on Fort Worth roads every year. Drivers are right to be concerned about their safety whenever they get behind the wheel. Researching safety features can help car buyers make better choices when they purchase a vehicle, and those choices...

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Fort Worth Accident Risk Higher in Older Cars

Hanging on to an older car is a source of pride for many people. It's paid off. It's been meticulously maintained. Maybe it's even got a nickname. But as new research reveals, it may also be a death trap. A study conducted by researchers from ANCAP, an independent auto safety testing group in Australia and New...

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Fort Worth Highway Construction Accidents Spur Calls for Caution

Highway construction accidents are claiming hundreds of lives, causing thousands of injuries, and resulting in millions of dollars in property damage and personal injury costs. Now, the Texas Department of Transportation is imploring drivers to do be more careful around construction zones. With a new campaign called, “Humans at Work,” state officials are hoping to...

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Fort Worth, TX Aggressive Driving Accident Dangers

Every motorist on the road is at risk if a driver behaves aggressively. Unfortunately, driver aggression is very common. More than 80 percent of motorists responding to one survey conducted by  AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety admitted to experiencing road rage over the course of the prior year. Many motorists indicated they had acted on their road...

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Fort Worth TX Lawyer Helps Obtain $760,000 Verdict for Skydiver

Coby L. Wooten represented Joshua woman who survived 3,000-foot fall A judge recently awarded a Joshua, Texas woman who survived a 3,000-foot skydiving fall $760,000, a verdict praised by Fort Worth personal injury lawyer Coby L. Wooten, who helped represent the injured skydiver. “Justice has prevailed,” Wooten said. “Makenzie Wethington suffered serious injuries due to...

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Understanding the Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Fort Worth

Approximately $12.5 billion in costs are incurred each year as a result of losses from motorcycle accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Motorcycle collisions can cause much more than just monetary loss. Victims often suffer permanent injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents and many motorcyclists are killed in collisions because the...

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