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Workplace Pressure A Factor in Distracted Driving

You are driving in heavy traffic in the Dallas/Fort Worth area when your phone rings. Let it go to voicemail, right? But a glance at the device tells you that work is calling. You risk angering your boss if you don’t answer. What do you do? The shocking statistics A recent survey commissioned by insurance...

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Studies Show Truck Side Guards Can Save Lives

If you are involved in an accident with a big truck or trailer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you’re in trouble. Whether you’re in a passenger vehicle, on a motorcycle or bicycle, or on foot, you are going to suffer the worst kind of collision. One common accident sees the smaller vehicles going underneath the...

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Who is Responsible in Driverless Truck Accidents?

One rapidly growing field of study has been the development of self-driving vehicles. As recently as 2004, when DARPA issued their Grand Challenge to create an autonomous vehicle able to properly navigate a 142-mile course, no entries could make it through a full eight miles. Only 13 years later, a company called Embark Technology was...

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Fort Worth Motorcycle Riders May Be More Likely to Sustain Traumatic Brain Injuries

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause far more serious injuries than other types of auto accidents. With little protection against a collision with a heavier, larger vehicle, motorcycle riders are often subjected to the brute force of a heavy impact. This can significantly increase the odds of sustaining a traumatic brain injury. With the...

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In-Vehicle “Infotainment” Systems Put Fort Worth Residents in Danger From Distracted Driving

Texas drivers now have more distractions than ever in their vehicles. In addition to smartphones and GPS units, many new vehicles come installed with information and entertainment systems. These “infotainment” systems give drivers even more temptation to take their eyes off the road. Drivers have a responsibility to maintain their focus behind the wheel. Failure...

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Fort Worth Bicycle Fatalities On the Rise

Fort Worth cyclists are now facing greater risks on the road than ever before. The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that bicycle accident fatalities increased by 12.2% in 2015. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reports that, while bicycle riding only accounts for about one percent of travels in the United States, bicyclists...

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Trucking Company Negligence Puts Fort Worth Motorists At Risk

Trucking accidents are on the rise in the U.S., following a record low in 2009. As the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports, the uptick is believed to be connected to economic improvements. With more jobs and more money in their pockets, Americans are more often on the road. Truck drivers aren't immune from increased danger either....

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