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Was the driver that hit you texting or talking on the phone?

Distracted driving is among the most common causes of car accidents in Texas. Strangers or tourists visiting Fort Worth or Dallas might be trying to find their way around town. Someone might be texting while driving or paying more attention to their cell phone than the road ahead. A spilled cup of coffee or applying makeup might briefly shift the driver's attention elsewhere. No matter what the reason, all it takes is a split second of driver inattention to cause a serious car crash in Texas.

9 people die every day from distracted driving.
(Source: Forbes Advisor)

Other drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists are at immediate risk when sharing the road with a driver who isn't focused on driving. If you've been injured in a rear-end accident, head-on collision, pedestrian accident, or any other type of accident caused by a distracted driver, contact Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C. today. We understand Texas laws and how to use this information to get people the compensation they deserve for their injuries. From interviewing witnesses to examining police reports and medical records, we leave nothing unexamined in building a solid, successful legal strategy on your behalf.

Fort Worth distracted driving attorney who'll fight for you: Coby L. Wooten, P.C.

Every second counts in a car accident. Failing to step on the brake a split second earlier could be the difference between a safe drive across I-20 during rush hour and a serious, potentially fatal accident. Drivers who take their eyes off the road for even a moment may run a stop sign or red light, barreling into oncoming traffic without slowing down. Yet these drivers - and their insurance companies - may tell another story. They might try to say that you were the one who caused the accident. When you're left with skyrocketing medical bills, lost wages from missing work and a long, painful recovery process, that's not right.

Complicated cases deserve the attention of an experienced Fort Worth distracted driving attorney who knows how to protect your rights. Your case is about more than just money. It's about holding negligent parties responsible for their actions. Take a stand. Contact Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C. today. Call (866) 408-0940 to schedule an appointment at our Fort Worth office. Your initial consultation is free and we don't get paid unless we win your case. That's because we work on a contingency fee basis. A Forth Worth or personal injury attorney in Dallas, TX is ready to help you.

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