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What Are Common Types of Car Accidents in Fort Worth?

Every car accident is unique. But even though car crashes have many different causes and result in many types of injuries, Fort Worth car accident lawyer Coby L. Wooten, P.C., realizes some types of car accidents are more common than others. Rush-hour congestion on I-30 or Loop 12 leads to rear-end accidents every day. Other roadways where serious accidents tend to happen include I-35, I-20, 287, 45 and Highway 67. Distracted drivers and drunk drivers cause fatal accidents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Even the most cautious and courteous of drivers put themselves at risk when stepping behind the wheel due to the negligent behavior of other drivers.

It's hard knowing what to do when you or a loved one has been in a car accident in Fort Worth, Dallas, or anywhere else in Texas. You might suffer injuries and emotional trauma that will last for years. Your medical bills might skyrocket and you might not be able to return to work. You deserve to be compensated for your losses if a negligent party caused your accident. Attorney Coby L. Wooten has successfully fought and won on behalf of car accident victims involved in the following types of accidents:

  • Rear-end accident: A motorist strikes another vehicle from behind after traffic slows down or comes to a stop. These accidents are often attributed to distracted or impaired driving. Weather conditions, such as icy roads, can also contribute to a rear-end collision when a motorist is unable to stop. It can also be caused by failure to control your speed, or just not paying attention to the driving conditions at that particular time.
  • Head-on collision: Luckily, these accidents are very rare. But when they occur, they are usually the most catastrophic. Head-on collisions happen when a driver veers out of his or her lane and into oncoming traffic.
  • T-bone or broadside accidents: When a driver runs a red light or stop sign, he or she could end up broadsiding another vehicle that has the right of way. T-bone accidents get their name from the “T” shape that forms when a driver hits the side of another vehicle. Sometimes the driver who gets struck is the one at fault, especially if the accident was caused by a negligent left turn.
  • Lane departure accidents: On roads and highways with multiple lanes, lane departure accidents can happen when a driver veers out of his or her lane. Nearby vehicles can be sideswiped and forced off the road.
  • SUV rollover accident
  • Hit-and-run accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Pedestrian accident

The reckless and irresponsible behavior of another driver can result in long-term health and financial problems. However, after an accident, you might find that the driver who caused your accident denies any wrongdoing. Even worse, their insurance company might claim you caused the accident. That's not fair. You have a right to recover financially after a severe car accident due to negligence. Contact an aggressive, determined Fort Worth car accident lawyer today. You might be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other possible damages.

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