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Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C. is pleased to announce that he has been elected by his peers as Tarrant County Trial Lawyer President for 2014. Additionally, in November of 2103 Coby L. Wooten was elected by his peers as a Top Attorney for 2013 in the field of Plaintiff's Personal Injury. Mr. Wooten has been awarded this prestigious award four of the last five years.

Ft. Worth, Texas Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle Accidents LawyerA bicycle accident injury is rarely a case of a fair fight. Cars and trucks are much bigger and faster than bicycles, which means they can do a substantial amount of damage in an accident. This problem is worsened by the car-centric nature of Texas roads, and by drivers who don’t give bicyclists the space and consideration they’re entitled to. The result can be a catastrophic bicycle accident injury or even a wrongful death.

Bicycle accidents and the injuries that accompany them are especially serious problems. Even if the bicyclist is wearing a helmet, a high-speed crash can destroy that helmet, exposing the victim’s head to serious injuries. Head injuries are very serious, because brain tissue doesn’t heal like other body tissues. Any damage to the brain is most likely permanent, which means victims could suffer anything from a minor concussion to major changes to physical, mental and emotional abilities. This relationship between bicycle accidents and head injury means victims are likely to suffer severe, permanent injuries.

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Even when it doesn’t cause a brain injury, a bicycle accident injury can be catastrophic, causing broken bones and other wounds that sideline the victim for months. In addition to being physically painful and emotionally traumatic, this can also be extremely expensive. Medical bills can reach into six or seven figures over a lifetime for those with head injuries, and that’s not counting the cost of missed work or replacing a high-quality bicycle. To get fair compensation for these and other injuries, victims should consider hiring a Texas bicycle accident lawyer.

Fort Worth injury attorney Coby L. Wooten, P.C., focuses his practice on representing victims of serious accidents caused by someone else’s carelessness. In the case of bicycle accidents, that is very often the carelessness of a driver who wasn’t watching the road or simply doesn’t respect bicyclists’ rights. I have extensive experience fighting auto insurance companies for a fair settlement for seriously injured clients. In the case of bicycle accidents and head injury, that means fighting for a settlement that accounts for the client’s lifelong medical and caregiving needs. And because I am an independent Texas bicycle accident lawyer, I can give all clients the care and personal attention they deserve.

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