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Were you in a car accident caused by a drunk driver?

Bar owners, restaurants, grocery stores and other places that sell alcohol have a moral and legal responsibility to responsibly serve patrons. This means refusing to serve alcohol to people who are already behaving drunk, obtaining a legal liquor license, serving alcohol only within legal hours, and taking the necessary steps to ensure that patrons are of legal age. When any provider of alcohol fails to do so, a dram shop liability case may arise in Texas. If you've been injured by a drunk driver or assaulted by a drunk restaurant patron, contact Fort Worth dram shop attorney Coby L. Wooten today to discuss the details of your personal injury case.

What is dram shop liability?

The term "dram shop" applies to any establishment where alcohol is sold or served. In Texas, this includes restaurants, liquor stores, bars, gas stations and grocery stores. In addition, the term also applies to proprietors of social clubs, parties and private events where liquor is served. Under Texas law, anyone who sells alcohol or supplies alcohol should refuse to serve people who are visibly intoxicated. If you were hit by a drunk driver, assaulted by an intoxicated bar or restaurant patron, or otherwise were injured by somebody who had too much to drink, the person who supplied the alcohol could be held accountable.

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It can be difficult proving dram shop liability when a premises accident occurs in Texas. Accident victims must prove that the grocery store, bar, restaurant or proprietor of a social function served the visibly intoxicated patron who caused the accident. To make matters more complicated, the Texas Dram Shop Act has been modified by the Texas Supreme Court in the case of FFP Operating Partners v. Duenez to provide that a dram shop defendant will only be held liable if its share of responsibility in an accident is greater than 50 percent.

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