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It's hard knowing what to do after you've been injured at work. When your employer doesn't carry workers' compensation insurance, the days, weeks, and months after your accident can become even more confusing. An employer who doesn't carry workers' compensation insurance is known as a "nonsubscriber," according to the Texas Workers Compensation Act. Workers who suffer on-the-job injuries as employees of a non-subscriber can take legal action against their employer to collect the compensation needed to pay for medical costs and lost wages associated with an injury.

In Texas, non-subscriber workplace accidents often require the legal guidance of a tough-minded and experienced non-subscriber workplace injury lawyer to resolve the case. Contact Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C. today to discuss your legal rights. We can either negotiate with your employer in mediation or file a workplace injury lawsuit on your behalf. We know how to fully investigate accidents, from collecting evidence to interviewing witnesses, to visiting your workplace to taking photos on your behalf. We leave nothing unexamined in pursuit of justice.

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Texas on-the-job injury law can be confusing. Employers are not required to carry workers' compensation insurance. However, employers are still liable for workplace injuries under Texas law - meaning they must pay damages out-of-pocket or pay through another form of insurance. These cases can become even more complex if your workplace injury claim involves a third-party workplace accident claim in which someone unrelated to your workplace or employer was partially responsible for your on-the-job accident and injuries.

You might think you don't need a lawyer. You might think your case is a straightforward legal matter. Don't be so sure. Complicated cases deserve the attention of an experienced non-subscriber injury attorney in Fort Worth that knows how to protect your rights. Contact Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C., today. Call (866) 408-0940 to schedule an appointment at our Fort Worth office. Your initial consultation is free and we don't get paid unless we win your case. That's because we work on a contingency fee basis.

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