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Although it’s now widely known that exposure to asbestos is dangerous, many people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area worked around asbestos for years without any understanding of the risks. And in too many cases, those workers go decades without symptoms of asbestos-related diseases appearing, which can make the disease even more of a surprise – and makes it challenging to move forward.

If you are suffering from asbestos exposure injuries, contact Fort Worth asbestos lawyer Coby L. Wooten today to find out your legal rights. Attorney Wooten has years of experience handling complicated on-the-job injury cases. You or your loved one might be able to collect compensation from a negligent party due to injuries suffered from asbestos exposure, including life-threatening and incurable lung diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial pneumonitis.

Workers in a broad range of industries may have been exposed

Longtime and retired construction workers, utility workers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and factory workers might have been exposed to asbestos dust across a wide variety of working conditions over their careers.

Some of the fields where asbestos exposure was common include:

In addition, many people who served in the Navy decades ago were exposed to asbestos, as ships were covered in the material.

Products related to asbestos exposure

Products in which asbestos was commonly used during manufacturing include:

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is an incurable form of cancer that affects the thin lining surrounding the lung (pleural membrane) or abdominal cavity (the peritoneum). Mesothelioma is a slow developing cancer that can take 30 years or more to develop as a result of asbestos exposure – and thousands are diagnosed each year. This is in spite of the fact that asbestos has been banned from being used in manufacturing or installed in building construction for many years.

Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer

The National Cancer Institute reports that asbestos exposure may increase the risk of lung cancer. The risk is even greater for smokers who were exposed to asbestos. In 1986, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration proclaimed lung cancer as the top risk for people who worked around asbestos.

Exposure to the carcinogenic substance also is linked to an increased risk of asbestosis, which is an inflammatory condition affecting the lungs that can cause shortness of breath, coughing and permanent lung damage.

Let a Fort Worth asbestos attorney protect your rights

People exposed to asbestos on the job may be entitled to financial compensation for their medical expenses decades later. In some cases, compensation may be available without need to file a lawsuit or go through a lengthy litigation process. But whether or not litigation is necessary in your case, you need an attorney who understands your legal rights and will advocate to move your claim forward.

Some lawyers tell clients what they want to hear. Fort Worth asbestos attorney Coby L. Wooten gives honest answers to difficult questions. That’s because he’s focused on what really matters: getting people the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Case results matter – and so do you. Contact Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C., today. Call (866) 408-0940 to schedule an appointment at our Fort Worth office. Serving families in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington and throughout Texas.

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