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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Fort Worth

Even the most minor motorcycle accident can turn a motorcyclist's life upside down due to the injuries they've sustained. Even when wearing a helmet and other protective gear, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable than drivers of larger cars and trucks. Accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle can cause severe personal injuries. If the negligence of another driver was the cause of your motorcycle accident, you might be entitled to compensation for the injuries you or your loved one has suffered.

Fort Worth motorcycle accident injury attorney Coby L. Wooten, P.C. understands that motorcycle riders face an exponentially higher risk of being injured in an accident. Some of the common types of injuries sustained by motorcycle riders include:

  • Nervous system injuries. Severe damage to the head or back can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or debilitating spinal cord injury. These injuries could result in paralysis or a loss of cognitive functions, altering the lives of victims permanently.
  • Hand or feet injuries. Injuries to extremities can lead to broken bones, fractures, or even the amputation of a limb. Even if it's just a broken bone, it can still take months to fully recover and require ongoing physical therapy.
  • Internal injuries. Damage to internal organs and blood vessels might require surgery and potentially incapacitate someone. Recovery can involve complicated prescription drugs that have harmful side effects that make everyday tasks much more difficult.
  • Wrongful death. Due to the vulnerability of motorcycle riders, riders who take precautionary measures such as wearing helmets can still be involved in a catastrophic motorcycle crash that results in the death of the motorcycle operator or passenger.

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