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Interstate 35E in Texas Makes List of Deadliest U.S. Highways

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Why are some highways more dangerous than others?

Interstate 35 East in Texas is the deadliest highway in the state, according to a recent traffic safety study conducted by Assurance IQ, which also ranked I-35E in Texas the second most dangerous highway nationwide based on the number of fatal car accidents per mile.

"Unfortunately, traveling on major roadways can pose challenges and risks to safety," researchers at Assurance IQ wrote. "From navigating traffic congestion to dealing with speeding, various situations can contribute to potentially fatal car collisions."

I-35 East in Texas ranked 2nd deadliest highway in the nation

The Austin-American Statesman featured the recent Assurance IQ traffic safety study in the newspaper. Based on car accident records compiled by the Texas Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Interstate 35 East in Texas was ranked the second deadliest highway in the country. Only I-4 in Florida had more fatal car accidents per mile.

According to the study, 27.9 fatal car accidents occur every 100 miles on I-35 East, which includes the eastern half of Interstate 35 in Texas and runs 97 miles through various communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Other dangerous highways in Texas

I-35 East in Texas isn't the only dangerous highway in the state. The same Assurance IQ traffic safety study included two other Texas highways on its list of the country's top 10 most dangerous highways – Interstate 45 in Texas (third on the list) and Interstate 30 (fourth).

In addition, another traffic safety study conducted by ValuePenguin includes 11 highways in Texas on its list of the 100 most dangerous roads in the country, including:

  • Interstate 10 in El Paso County, Texas (4th most dangerous on the top 100 list)
  • Interstate 35 in Travis County, Texas (6th on the list)
  • Interstate 20 in Tarrant County, Texas (8th on the list)
  • Interstate 45 in Harris County, Texas (23rd on the list)
  • US Route 59 in Victoria County, Texas (30th on the list)
  • US Route 281 in Bexar County, Texas (40th on the list)
  • Texas State Route 6 in Harris County, Texas (48th on the list)
  • Interstate 30 in Dallas County, Texas (52nd on the list)

Factors that make some highways dangerous

It's not an accident that more collisions occur on certain highways. According to a traffic safety study conducted by Car Insurance Comparison about the most dangerous highway in each state, collisions often occur on certain highways due to four common characteristics:

  • Heavy traffic – The more traffic, the more likely an accident will occur.
  • Hazardous weather – Snow, sleet, ice, heavy rains, and high winds often play a role in causing collisions.
  • Outdated highway infrastructure – This can include excessive potholes, poor lighting, missing guardrails, and confusing traffic signs.
  • Dangerous road design – Sharp curves, steep hills, sudden drop-offs, and tunnels can be hazardous on highways.

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