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Fort Worth, Texas Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite accidentsThere are good dogs and bad dogs — and then there are dogs that bite. At their most serious, attacks by dangerous dogs can kill or seriously injure human beings. Dogs are natural predators with a dominant instinct, and owners don’t always keep those instincts under control. When dogs attack and injure someone, the pet’s owner can be held legally and financially responsible by a Fort Worth dog bite lawyer.

Texas dog bite lawyers have a special injury law to address cases of vicious dog attacks — Lillian’s Law. It’s named after Lillian Stiles, a 76-year-old woman who was mauled beyond recognition as she mowed her front lawn. In reaction, the Texas Legislature in 2007 strengthened criminal penalties for dog owners who cause a death or serious injury by failing to reasonably secure their animals. Dog owners may be held responsible for injuries that come from allowing the dog to run loose, failing to secure a dog that has attacked before or negligence in handling the dog.

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Unfortunately, this type of injury is more common than you might think. Most often, the victims are children, who are especially vulnerable because of their small size and lack of experience with dogs. Dogs may attack people they perceive as a threat or a trespasser, or to assert dominance. When they do, they can literally crush bones and tear flesh, causing severe blood loss and tissue damage, possible organ damage and sometimes infections. This can require expensive long-term care to address physical and emotional scarring.

Texas dog bite lawyers help patients recover the money they need to pay these and other costs of the attack. Dog attacks are typically covered by the dog owner’s homeowners’ insurance — but some insurance companies will find any excuse to avoid paying. When negotiations break down, Texas dog bite attorneys can step in and help enforce their clients’ rights to fair compensation.

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