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Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C. is pleased to announce that he has been elected by his peers as Tarrant County Trial Lawyer President for 2014. Additionally, in November of 2103 Coby L. Wooten was elected by his peers as a Top Attorney for 2013 in the field of Plaintiff's Personal Injury. Mr. Wooten has been awarded this prestigious award four of the last five years.

Fort Worth, Texas Amputation Lawyers

amputation injury lawyerLosing an arm or leg is a life-changing event. Victims of amputations have to relearn many of the tasks of daily life or learn new ways to get around. It’s also very common for amputation patients to change how they do their jobs, change careers altogether or even give up working. And of course, losing a limb leaves victims disabled, which denies them a chance to do all the things they once enjoyed and may even cause prejudice. When the amputation was caused through no fault of your own, you should consider speaking with a Dallas amputation lawyer about your legal and financial rights.

As amputation lawyers in Texas, we see two categories of clients with amputations. One group lost the limbs because of auto accidents or an on-the-job injury, such as accidents at construction sites or oil platforms. These are always serious, sudden, physically and emotionally catastrophic injuries. And unfortunately, the negligence of another person or the failure of supposedly reliable equipment is frequently the cause.

If you’ve suffered an amputation injury in Texas and you’d like to learn more about how I can help, please contact me online or call 800-994-1966 .

Our Dallas amputation lawyers also see many clients who have lost a limb because of mistakes by medical professionals. Bedsores and medication mistakes, both common types of neglect at nursing homes, can eventually lead to tissue death and amputation. Surgical errors can actually remove a healthy limb, or cause infections that require amputation. In both cases, the victim ends up permanently disabled through no fault of his or her own.

If you are in this situation, you should seriously consider contacting a Dallas amputation lawyer. A permanent disability has real effects on the lives of victims and their families. In addition to the physical and emotional effects, victims find themselves confronted with significant long-term medical needs. All of this must be paid for at a time when they probably cannot work. My law firm is a state wide practice and can help victims and their families recover financial damages for all of these injuries and others.

Since 1996, Coby L. Wooten has fought for the rights of Texans who suffered serious injuries because of another person’s negligence. I have extensive experience handling cases of complex catastrophic injuries like amputations. Some lawyers will not litigate your case or consider the experts needed to prove long term damages such as life-care planners or vocational experts.  Like other independent amputation lawyers Texas, I can give each client the time and attention they deserve and we are not afraid of the courtroom. If you’ve suffered an amputation and you’d like to learn more about how I can help, please contact me online or call 1-888-336-3455.

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