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Tips for Fort Worth Drivers to Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents on Football Game Days

Texas car accident attorneyFootball is an incredibly popular fall sport in Fort Worth, with people watching the Cowboys, the Texas Longhorns, high school football and other football games.

Whether you are a fan of the game or not, you should be aware many spectators of football games tend to drink when they watch sporting events.  Motorists are all at increased risk of car accidents on football game days because of the tendency of fans to consume alcohol, so motorists need to make sure they are making smart and safe choices to try to reduce the dangers drunk drivers can present.

Tips to Avoid Fort Worth Drunk Driving Accidents

Texas Department of Transportation has reported there are 13 percent more arrests of impaired drivers on days when football games take place. Football game days are some of the days with the highest alcohol consumption, and on Super Bowl Sunday, there is a 41 percent increase in fatalities caused by drunk driving accidents.

The risks are very real, and every motorist needs to take steps to try to mitigate the higher risk of getting hurt or killed by a drunk driver. Some of the different things Fort Worth drivers can do include:

  • Avoiding areas near stadiums and near sports bars on game days. If you have the option to arrange your driving route to avoid places where lots of football fans are likely to be on game days, you may wish to consider doing so. Not only can you reduce the chances of a drunk driving accident, but you can also avoid traffic when games let out.
  • Staying sober if you attend the game, or have a designated driver who is going to take you home if you drink. Before you consume any alcohol at a football game, you should have a plan in place for who is going to take you home. You should consider having a backup plan as well, in as your designated driver turns out to be unreliable or unable to transport you home. Bring the number of a taxi service, or another friend, just in case.
  • Taking the keys of anyone you know who is too drunk to drive. Forty-five percent of people watching football drink at least three drinks during the game, which is too much to drink to drive safely. If you see someone who is going to take a dangerous risk and drive drunk, stop them.
  • Contacting law enforcement if you see someone on the roads who appears to be intoxicated. You can usually tell when someone is weaving or engaging in behaviors which suggest impairment. If you have suspicions about a driver, stay far away from him and call in the location and details about the car to the police so they can investigate.

By following these basic best practices, you and your family can hopefully stay safer on game day and there will be less chance of getting hurt in car accidents during football season.

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