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School Bus Accidents Endanger Students

Texas bus accident attorneyIn May, three school buses were transporting students back to school after a field trip to the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. A total of 120 students were aboard the buses. Unfortunately, one of the three vehicles was involved in a collision with another car.

Luckily, MRT reports that the accident was minor and only one student was transported to the hospital as a precaution. The bus was able to resume its journey back to the school after sustaining minimal damage.

The students aboard this bus may have avoided injury, but many other young people involved in accidents on school transportation are not so lucky. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an average of 19 school-aged children die each year in school transportation-related traffic crashes.

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School Bus Accident Risks for Students

Since 1998, a total of 1,564 people have died in accidents involving school transportation. This is an average of 142 deaths every year. The majority of people killed in accidents involving school buses -- a full 72 percent of deceased victims-- were occupants of other vehicles involved in the bus crash. Twenty-percent of the fatalities involved pedestrians or bicycle riders. Individuals who were traveling on the school vehicle at the time accounted for eight percent of the fatalities.

Of the 19 children who die in school bus transportation accidents on average each year, five of the victims are generally occupants of the vehicles and the other 14 are typically young pedestrians. This can include children who have gotten off of the bus and who are walking to their homes or crossing the road.

Since 1994, a total of 149 school-aged pedestrians have lost their lives in crashes involving school transportation, and 69 percent of these victims died when the school bus hit them. Another seven percent were killed by vehicles that were functioning as school buses at the time and 24 percent were killed by other vehicles involved in a crash with a bus.

Children between the ages of five and seven are at the biggest risk of getting hurt on school buses. Around 47 percent of the school-aged pedestrians who were killed in crashes involving school transportation fell into this age group.

Parents need to understand the dangers that school-aged children face both while riding buses and immediately upon disembarking from school transportation vehicles. Parents should talk to their kids about how to safely exit a bus and move away from the vehicle.

Ultimately, however, the responsibility of protecting children lies with school districts who must ensure that their bus drivers are qualified and that the drivers take the necessary steps to prevent accidents and injuries to young passengers.

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