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Road Debris Can Result in Texas Motorcycle Accidents

Texas car accident attorneyMotorcycle riders are more vulnerable to being hurt or even killed in vehicle accidents. Motorcycle riders are not only more likely to sustain serious injuries when crashes happen (due to the lack of protections a bike provides) but are also more likely to get into accidents because of unsafe road conditions. A motorcycle rider, for example, is going to be more affected by potholes, debris on the road, and other road problems than someone in a car, which provides more stability.

When a motorcycle rider gets hurt because of debris on the road, it can be a complicated task determining who should be held accountable or what happens next. Victims, or family members of people killed in motorcycle accidents, need to understand their rights in all circumstances after collisions- including those caused by items on the roads.

Road Debris and Texas Motorcycle Collisions

Fox 4 News recently reportedly on a motorcycle accident which occurred as a direct result of debris on the road.  The debris was a loose mattress that had fallen off a truck. According to reports from the crash, a red Ford F-150 was hauling furniture and traveling in a westbound direction.  The mattress came loose from the truck and landed in the path of a motorcycle.

The motorcycle rider was 73-years-old. The mattress fell off the truck, landed in front of him, and he was not able to avoid hitting it while riding. He was thrown from his motorcycle into a light pole, and died from the injuries he sustained.

The driver of the Ford F-150 who was allegedly responsible for the accident has not come forward. The wife of the deceased Texas motorcycle rider is hoping witnesses will come forward with information that identifies the driver of the truck.  The Police Sergeant who was investigating the incident indicated the truck was described as having chrome plated handles on the door, an after-market grill on the front, and break dust on the front tire.

Witnesses believe the truck pulled over and got out of the truck to adjust the load, but they kept going even though they likely noticed the mattress was missing.  It is not clear exactly how long the mattress was actually in the middle of the road before it was struck by the motorcycle rider, causing the fatal accident.

Reports indicate the prosecutor will assess the situation after the driver of the truck comes forward and will determine what, if any, charges should be filed. It is the obligation of drivers to keep items in their car, and the trucker could potentially be held responsible for the unsafe conditions he created. The wife of the man who was killed could also potentially pursue a wrongful death civil case to hold the trucker accountable for her husband's death.

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