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Responsibility for Fort Worth Rear-End Collisions

A chain-reaction collision in Fort Worth occurs when one or more cars is involved in an accident and this sets off a chain reaction that causes other cars to crash. Bad weather is a major reason why chain reaction accidents happen. A rear-end accident lawyer knows many chain-reaction accidents also occur when cars are in traffic or at an intersection and vehicles in a line hit each other's back bumpers. fast-car-588076-m

Whenever a chain reaction or multi-car crash happens, there may be multiple drivers who share the blame or who are at fault for causing the crash. Determining the reason why the accident happened is important because one or more of the drivers may be considered legally liable and may be required to compensate other crash victims for losses they incurred as a direct result of the collision.

Determining Fault in a Chain Reaction Accident Case

USA Today reports that uncovering the cause of multiple-vehicle accidents can be a very common problem. The more cars that are involved in the accident, the more difficult it is to determine who should be considered responsible for crash damages. Between Thanksgiving and March of last year, there were 54 multiple-vehicle crashes in the United States involving 10 or more cars, and there were many additional accidents involving more than two but less than 10 vehicles. The largest of the multi-car pileups involved more than 130 vehicles involved in accidents in the same area.

Many of the large multi-vehicle crashes occur due to poor weather conditions that affect both visibility and road surfaces. One car could spin out of control or two cars could strike each other. Other motorists might not see the impaired car(s) until it is too late to stop, especially if road conditions are slippery due to weather conditions. Cars that are on the road could collide with the original impaired vehicles or with other vehicles in the area as they swerve to try to avoid crashing.

When these large accidents happen, experts are routinely called in to try to get to the bottom of why the crash occurred. There are certified professional accident reconstruction specialists who travel around the country after multi-car pileups to conduct comprehensive investigations. Even in the most complex accident cases, it is often possible for these experts to uncover what happened and why cars collided.

In chain reaction crashes where multiple cars rear-end each other, determining crash cause may not be as complicated as in multi-car pileups involving dozens of cars. Still, it may be necessary to call an expert to look at the marks on the roads, the conditions of the cars, the area where the crash happened and other clues in order to provide detailed information of accident causes. If you want to prove that another driver was at fault for the crash and should compensate you for damages, an experienced auto accident lawyer in Fort Worth can help.

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