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Personal Stories Illustrate Impact of Fort Worth Motorcycle Accidents

Texas motorcycle accident attorneyMotorcycles are unquestionably a popular means of transportation in the Fort Worth area, from Benbrook to I-35W passing through downtown. While especially true during the summer months, virtually all motorists are accustomed to sharing the road with motorcycle enthusiasts year-round.

Troubling news about motorcycle accident fatality rates in Texas should be a warning to all motorists about the importance of safe driving to prevent car accidents from happening. Unfortunately, many drivers continue to take risks which can put motorcycle riders in jeopardy.


It is difficult for drivers and motorcycle riders to picture an accident ever happening to them, and crash rates can seem so abstract. However, personal stories of the horror of motorcycle accidents can sometimes make an impact on changing behavior and encouraging safety. This is a big part of why schools often have people come to talk to teens about how drunk driving has affected their lives personally.

Son Tells of Witnessing His Parents Death in a Motorcycle Accident

CBS Dallas Fort Worth recently published one tragic story which fully illustrates how tragic motorcycle accidents can be. The story involves a 21-year-old young man who witnessed the horrific motorcycle accident in Fort Worth which killed his parents.

The young man and his parents had decided to go out to dinner on a nice evening. His parents got on the motorcycle and went before him and he followed on his own bike. As he was riding behind them, a suspected drunk driver struck the motorcycle his parents were on. The drunk driver hit his parents in the middle of an intersection.

The young man and his parents had been stopped at the light just moments before, talking about which way to go to get to the restaurant. When the light turned green, his parents entered the intersection and the suspected drunk driver also went into the intersection after running a red light. The young man watched the drunk driver hit his parents, who died instantly. He is a military police officer, so he indicated he knew exactly what he was looking at the second he saw what had occurred.

Police indicate the driver will likely be arrested for the accident. He had a blood alcohol concentration of .10 at the time of the incident, and he had allegedly run a red light.

While most family members of people who die in motorcycle accidents do not see the incident firsthand, they still have to live with the tragic aftermath when their loved ones are taken away.  Motorists should be cautious and look out for motorcycle riders, avoid drunk driving, and obey the rules of the road in order to prevent tragic accidents like this one and to keep motorcycle riders safe on the roads in Texas.

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