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Fort Worth Drivers May Face New Distracted Driving Risk

Use of electronics behind the wheel in Fort Worth results in your brain focus being split and less cognitive focus being used to ensure that you are not causing a motor vehicle accident. The result of this is that motorists may find themselves with delayed reaction times and even experiencing inattention blindness, or not seeing obstacles directly in front of them. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows there is a significantly-greater likelihood of auto accidents occurring when a motorist is distracted, even when hands-free devices are used. a-driver-868517-m

As dangerous as it is to use a cell phone, a new device may be even more likely to increase the number of collisions caused by distracted drivers: the smart watch. Although smart watch models have been on the market for a while now, they have not been widely used except by tech buffs and early technology adopters. This may be changing and more motorists may find themselves with a distraction on their wrist at all times.

Smart Watches May Make Distracted Driving Crashes Far More Likely to Occur

According to Fast Company, Apple's smart watch hit the market in April, during National Distracted Driving Awareness month. In the first week the Apple watch was on the market, there were a million watches sold to consumers. Most estimates project 30 million will end up being sold in the first year.

A good portion of the people who buy these watches are likely to drive while wearing them. Motorists who drive with an Apple watch or other smart watch device may find themselves constantly being alerted to incoming emails, calls, and texts. It is going to be hard for most motorists to ignore these alerts and to stay focused on the road.

Little research has been conducted on the impact of smart watches on driver safety simply because the watches are still relatively new. However, studies that have been completed suggest that a smart watch is likely to be a bigger distraction for motorists than a smart phone. People who are wearing a smart watch tend to be more likely to look at the watch because it is so easily accessible. People who are wearing a smart watch are also more likely to look at it for a longer period of time than people tend to look at phones.

Results showing how distracting smart watches are have led many safety experts to argue that smart watches should be banned while driving. Because the technology is so new, it is not clear whether existing restrictions on distracted driving will apply to smart watches. It is also unclear how these devices will be regulated because it may be hard for a law enforcement officer to determine when someone is engaging in unsafe behavior using a smart watch.

Drivers need to be aware of how risky it is to drive while looking at a smart watch and should make the informed choice not to have their watch in use while operating their vehicle.

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