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Memorial Day ranked the most deadly holiday period for drunk driving accidents

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On Memorial Day, people all over Texas will show their gratitude for the sacrifice our military men and women have made to protect our country. While this year's Memorial Day Weekend may look different than most years, many Texans will still be out and about.

How bad is drunk driving on Memorial Day Weekend?

According to ValuePenguin, Memorial Day Weekend is the most dangerous holiday period to drive. Houston, Texas, is also known as the deadliest city during this period. On average, there are about 312 traffic fatalities during Memorial Day Weekend.

Like most holidays, many of the fatal crashes that occur during Memorial Day Weekend are caused by drunk drivers. In fact, drunk driving causes about 40 percent off all crashes during this holiday period.

In 2018, drunk driving was responsible for 37 percent of all traffic fatalities on Memorial Day, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). The daily average for that year was 29 percent. In 2018, approximately 1,439 out of 3,642 traffic fatalities in Texas involved drunk drivers. It's unclear how many of those occurred on Memorial Day, however.

In 2019, the NSC predicted that 380 traffic fatalities would occur on Memorial Day Weekend. The actual statistics for that year aren't yet available.

Will police be out enforcing the traffic laws?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be fewer people traveling or going out to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend. That doesn't necessarily mean the roads will be safe, however.

Due to fewer cars on the road, crashes involving speeders have increased across the United States. Speeding combined with drunk driving makes for a deadly combination.

While law enforcement will be out in full force working to keep drunk drivers and other traffic violators from endangering other road users, many drunk drivers will slip under the radar.

What should I do if I'm involved in a crash with a drunk driver?

Alcohol impairment causes delays in reaction time, loss of judgment, and loss of physical and cognitive functioning. Those who have had too much to drink have no business getting behind the wheel and putting other people's lives in danger.

Fort Worth attorney Coby L. Wooten urges everyone to stay safe and drive responsibly this Memorial Day Weekend. If you plan on drinking, be sure to have a backup plan. Call a cab or Uber, stay at a friend's house, or simply leave the keys at home.

If you or a loved one is injured in a crash with a drunk driver, it's critical that you demand justice. You can count on attorney Wooten to launch a thorough investigation and devise a strong legal strategy to help maximize your compensation.

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