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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas

Families put their loved ones in nursing homes because they believe their loved ones will get better care than they could at home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true.

In Texas, nursing home abuse is a serious problem, threatening the health of patients as well as their basic dignity. Unethical staffers have been known to commit outright physical, verbal or even sexual abuse of patients, as well as exploit them financially. In homes with too little staff or with unfit staff members, elderly people can also be severely neglected. All of this can cause serious health problems or even death, as well as violation of the patient’s dignity.

Elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes makes headlines, but neglect is unfortunately a more common problem. This takes many forms, including:

  • failure to provide appropriate food and water,
  • allowing bedsores to form,
  • leaving health problems untreated,
  • allowing communicable diseases to spread,
  • and more.

If someone you love was abused in a nursing home, don’t hesitate calling Fort Worth nursing home abuse lawyer Coby L. Wooten. For a free consultation, contact us through our website or call 800-994-1966.

Some staff members simply don’t belong in a “caring profession,” but in for-profit homes, cost-cutting can also lead to neglect. If homes are understaffed to save money, patients suffer because staff members are spread too thin to provide appropriate care.

Nursing Home Abse

Texas nursing home abuse can also cause catastrophic injuries. Out of frustration, anger or violent tendencies, staff members can lash out at their patients. Horrifyingly, many patients can’t report the abuse or fight back because of the same health problems that led to entering the home. Cases of elder abuse in nursing homes can go unnoticed until it causes a serious health problem. In the worst cases, abuse can start a health decline that leads to the patient’s wrongful death.

Contact Coby L. Wooten to Fight for Justice on Behalf of Your Loved One

Even when government regulators step in, they can’t help families deal with the financial and emotional fallout from Texas nursing home abuse. That’s why you should consider calling nursing home abuse lawyer Coby L. Wooten if you believe a family member was abused, neglected or exploited in a home.

As a nursing home abuse attorney in Texas, I can’t reverse the abuse, but I can help families recover money for medical bills and other financial costs of the abuse, as well as compensation for the loss of the victim’s dignity, life or health.

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