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Dangerous Highways in Dallas and Fort Worth

Fort Worth auto accident attorneyNBC News Channel 5 reports that three local highways are among the most dangerous in America. The recent report found 11 of the nation's deadliest 50 highways are located in Texas.

It's the latest bad news for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where explosive growth and a booming oil industry have increased the risk for everything from trucking accidents to collisions involving bicyclists and pedestrians.

Locally, three North Texas highways made the list of the nation's deadliest. These include Interstate 20, Interstate 35, and US-175. Factors used in determining the risks include fatal crashes per vehicle, fatalities per crash, and fatalities involving non-vehicles.

Dangerous Highways in Dallas and Fort Worth

Interstate 10 near Anthony and the New Mexico state line is the fifth-most dangerous highway in the nation. I-20 also made the top 10 in seventh place. Even more alarmingly, five of the nation's six top highways for drunk driving accidents were right here in Texas: US-83, I-40, SR-105, I-20 and I-10.

Six years of data culled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (NHTSA-FARS), found:

  • Nearly 500 fatal crashes killed 594 motorists on I-20 in Dallas County
  • Nearly 600 crashes killed 644 motorists along I-35 in Dallas County
  • 74 fatal crashes resulted in 89 deaths along US-175 in Dallas County.

Texas Highway Accidents - Long EMS Wait Times

In one devastating accident, three people were killed in Terrell in a fiery crash on I-20 near Tanger Outlets after an SUV was crushed between two tractor-trailers, The Dallas Morning News reports.

The tremendous force of traffic collisions at highway speed typically leads to very serious or fatal injuries. However, long wait times for emergency medical services were also cited as a primary threat to the welfare of accident victims. Accident victims on SR-105 and I-40 face EMS wait times were about half an hour, while those on I-10 could wait nearly 20 minutes for emergency medical help.

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