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Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C. is pleased to announce that he has been elected by his peers as Tarrant County Trial Lawyer President for 2014. Additionally, in November of 2103 Coby L. Wooten was elected by his peers as a Top Attorney for 2013 in the field of Plaintiff's Personal Injury. Mr. Wooten has been awarded this prestigious award four of the last five years.

Seat Belt Failure Lawyers in Fort Worth, Texas

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Research shows that seat belts (and child safety seats) save lives. But that research only applies when the seat belt is working properly. If a seat belt is defective or inadequately attached, the person inside the seat may as well not be wearing any belt at all. No matter how safely you and all of the people around you drive, automobile seat belt failure can still put you at grave risk of serious seat belt injuries.

Defective seatbelts may not cause crashes, but they can make them much worse, by failing to do the job we trust them to do. Seat belt accidents are often very serious because seat belts keep people from being thrown violently around and out of the vehicle. When this happens, victims can suffer serious head and spinal cord injuries, broken bones and puncture wounds from broken metal and glass. These seatbelt injuries can lead to permanent disability, and they can also incapacitate victims who might otherwise be able to escape a fire or second wreck.

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All manufacturers operating in Texas have an obligation to ensure their products are safe and free of defects. This includes automakers and auto parts suppliers. Unfortunately, history shows that multiple automakers have allowed unsafe seat belts to hit the market. For example, in 2001, Ford recalled 1.4 million vehicles, including F-series pickups, minivans and SUVs, because the latching mechanism didn’t work properly unless the wearer used extra force. This “false latching” left users without the full protection of the seat belts, exposing them to serious seat belt injuries.

These types of failures can be difficult to determine and most people don’t even consider it as a possible cause or exasperation of the injuries.  When in a serious motor vehicle accident with serious or catastrophic injuries it is important to first and as soon as possible to secure the vehicle that the injured person was riding in.  Secondly, contact a Fort Worth personal injury attorney as soon as possible to have the seat belts examined.  Soon after accidents, insurance companies want to immediately settle the property damage and move the vehicle or have it destroyed it is for this reason that time if of the essence with these type cases.

The law office of Coby L. Wooten, P.C., represents victims of serious seat belt accidents and their families. Seat belt injuries can be devastating, causing deaths and permanent brain damage, paraplegia or other disabilities. When these were caused by defects in the seat belts that were supposed to keep victims safe, victims have the right to hold the responsible manufacturers legally liable. In an automobile seat belt failure claim, I can help victims claim financial compensation for their pain, suffering, lost quality of life and lost loved ones, as well as all of the costs of the injury. These damages not only help fairly compensate clients, but also allow them to get the medical care and financial support they need.

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